Why does Alex Albon race under a Thai flag?

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Alex Albon is an English-born and bred racing driver with a British dad and a Thai mum. Through his dual nationality, Alex was able to select which country he represented and he chose his mother’s homeland. 

Alex is immensely proud of his Thai heritage and he is only the second driver to represent the flag, the first being, Prince Birabongse Bhanudej Bhanubandh, or ‘B Bira’ raced in the 50s. 

Alex saw an opportunity to promote F1 in Thailand and give the people someone to root for. Alex visited in 2020 and was taken aback by his fame. “There were billboards and trains stickered up with my face on. I’m quite shy, so to see all that was a bit of a shock.”

Alex Thailand Billboard :

Alex has spent time in Thailand recently, visiting an orphanage and entertaining the children. 

Alex Thailand :
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