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Formula 1 cars are the cutting edge of innovation and technology. They are controlled by a strict set of rules and regulations that are designed to ensure the highest level of safety while ensuring the racing delivers maximum entertainment.

One of the many controls used to ensure teams work within the rules is a strip of ply that runs the length of the underside of the car’s floor. In short, the stewards will check the timber to ensure it has not worn out to ensure the cars are not running too close to the ground. Yep, all that technology and a plank of wood is still the best gauge.

In order to protect the plank, the teams place titanium blocks skid blocks in strategic locations. These sit 3mm lower than the plank so when the car bottoms out (downforce) the blocks strike the asphalt and throw off sparks.

Sparking F1 cars add to the theatrics of the race and take it to another level for night races.


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