What is the difference between pushrod and pullrod?

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The connection of each wheel to the rocker within the car’s body is by a pullrod or pushrod

The difference between the two is the geometric arrangement of the wheel hub in relation to the suspension arrangement within the body. Pushrods are mounted higher on the body relative to the wheel hub and ‘push’ the rockers. Pullrods are mounted lower and ‘pull’ the rocker.

A common arrangement for F1 cars (since 2009) has pushrod suspension for the front axle and pullrod for the rear, as this geometry generally favours the airflow across the aerodynamic elements of the car.

However, this is only a generalization – for the 2022 season, McLaren and Red Bull both employed pullrod suspension for the front axle, and McLaren even switched to pushrod for the rear. These differences in suspension arrangement were another interesting twist on the variation of the cars under the 2022 regulations.

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