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The Silly Season refers to the driver market movements, with drivers and teams beginning their negotiations for the next season and possibly subsequent seasons. 

F1 drivers are contracted to teams for a year or two, but some have multi-year deals that extend beyond four or five. Max Verstappen is contracted to Red Bull until the end of 2028. 

When a driver is coming available, the negotiations start and the pundits love to speculate about all of the potential outcomes. 

An early move often triggers the period by announcing a driver and essentially taking an option out of play, this can trigger a run of deals as parties scramble to lock in the best option for the next season. 

With Sergio Perez and Pierre Gasley recently announcing contract extensions, that leaves seven drivers looking to secure a seat in 2023.

  • Fernando Alonso – Looking very comfortable in the car and getting results so likely to re-sign with Alpine.
  • Sebastian Vettel – Is said to be happy with progress at Astin Martin and likely to re-sign.
  • Lance Stroll – struggling to keep up with his teammate but is in a strong position as it’s his family’s team.
  • Yuki Tsunoda – Holding his own but 2023 is possibly questionable. 
  • Nicholas Latifi – Said to be a ‘pay driver’ and struggling at the bottom of the timing sheets. 
  • Alex Albon – In a good place and working well with the team. Should be in a seat in 2023. 
  • Zhou Guanyu – Said to be a ‘pay driver’ but holding his own and a major play for F1 in the Chinese market. 

Only time will tell, roll on the silly season… 

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