What happens if teams use more than their allotted parts.

The number of Power Unit components and gearbox’s a team can use are restricted over the course of a season. This regulation was introduced by the FIA in order to keep costs down and greatly reduce dominance by wealthy teams.

If a team need to introduce a new part over the allocation then they do so with a grid penalty. The allocation is as follows;

  • 3 engines
  • 3 turbochargers
  • 3 MGU-H
  • 3 MGU-K
  • 2 energy stores
  • 2 control electronics
  • 8 sets of engine exhaust systems

The first extra part will cost ten grid places and additional parts in the same race are each five places.

Teams can be very strategic about how they manage parts and take penalties. If a driver qualifies badly, the team may bring forward the introduction of fresh parts and the penalty has less impact.

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