What are the top end of F1 car revs?

An F1 car Revs Up To 15,000 RPM While Normal Vehicles Go Only Up To 6,000 RPM

How high are F1 car revs? The naturally aspirated engines for Formula 1 cars haven’t changed over the years and have been consistent with the output. A typical vehicle can achieve up to 6,000 RPM, while a Formula 1 racecar reaches more than twice as much, around 15,000. This is made possible because of the power that’s produced by the engine.

Before the 1980s, most Formula 1 engines were limited to 12,000 RPM because the valves were closed with metal springs. They were replaced by Pneumatic valve springs from Renault, which allowed the higher rate to be achieved.

F1 car revs

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