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A home race is one held at a venue where the driver or team are from the same country.

The British GP is the biggest home race of the season with 2022 seeing three drivers and seven teams competing in front of their home fans.

This is because teams have historically based themselves in the UK. This is a legacy scenario dating back to the 1950’s when F1 started and the UK was seen as a great source of talent, engineering facilities, race tracks and close proximity to Europe. What happened next is often described as the ‘snowball’ effect where teams were attracted to set up in close proximity to others. 

We should note here, that the teams like Red Bull, Alpine and Mercedes who are all based in the UK did not establish themselves here, rather, they purchased existing teams that had been established by Brits.

Is there a home race advantage, it is hard to say, but there is no doubt the drivers and teams are boosted by the energy of the crowds.

2022 Drivers Home Race :  Lewis HamiltonLando Norris & George Russell 

2022 Teams Home Race  :  McLarenWilliamsAston MartinMercedesAlpineRed Bull Racing and Haas

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