What are all the roles in an F1 team?

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Formula 1 teams are massive, complex organisations with hundreds of people filling a myriad of roles. These are some of the key roles involved in delivering a car to the start line.

  • Team Principal: They are the director, the head of each team. The nature of the boss depends on the nature of the team. Some teams are owned by the car manufacturers, who put one of their top employees in charge, while others are privately owned.
  • Managers: They are in charge of different groups of people from different areas, supervising and guiding them. Large teams have more managers because their areas are subdivided into more areas.
  • Assistants: They are in charge of helping and organizing the calendar, events, and procedures. It is made up of receptionists, personal assistants, and secretaries…
  • Race Engineers: They manage the races, and they communicate with the driver when they are on track. There are different types of engineers: track, data, systems, electronics, strategy, and reliability … Their main role is to make sure that everything goes well before and during the race.
  • R&D Engineers: They are in charge of researching, planning, and developing possible improvements in car components.
  • Designers: They are responsible for both the general and specific design of the car and its components. As large teams have more designers than small ones, they evolve their cars more during the season.
  • Aerodynamicists: They are aeronautical engineers responsible for the car’s aerodynamics to be adequate and efficient. To do this, they use a wind tunnel if the team owns one.
  • Other Engineers: They perform more specific software, nondestructive testing, small testing, and other departments.
  • Race MechanicsThey are what we see in each Grand Prix. They are in charge of changing and repairing the car’s components during the weekend.
  • Production: They are responsible for producing and developing car parts. Small teams with fewer workers buy them from suppliers.

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