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Formula 1 has strict rules about everything, including how many power unit components can be used over the course of a season.

Long gone are the days of spare cars and as many parts as a team could afford. The FIA is continuously reviewing and amending the regulations in order to level the playing field and ensure the wealthy team’s unlimited funds advantage is minimised. 

So over and above the cost cap, there are allowances for the number of each component allowed over the course of a year:

  • Internal Combustion Engine – 3
  • MGU-H – 3
  • Turbocharger – 3
  • MGU-K – 3
  • Energy Store – 2
  • Control Electronics – 2

Teams can mix and match components throughout the season, but should they need to use any new component from outside this allowance, they do so with the knowledge that they will serve a grid penalty. 10 places for the first primary part, and five places for each part after that. 


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