Can anyone be an F1 driver?

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It would be great to say yes, but the reality is that the people who make it to an F1 seat are exceptional. They possess a unique set of physical and mental attributes that allow them the opportunities needed to inch along the path to that elusive seat. And remember, there are only 20 seats available at any one time with most of them having multi-year contracts already.

To drive today’s modern F1 car the chances are that you will need to be able-bodied, full sighted, be of slight build and in your late teens or early 20’s. These are not rules set in concrete and there are always exceptions. Alonso Fernando is 40 years old this season and Hélio Castroneves won the Indy 500 last year at the age of 48 – there is still hope for me.

Those who make into one of the 20 seats have talent, skill, drive and determination beyond most people. They approach their chosen profession with a single-mindedness that ensures they keep their eye on the prize.

And of course, there is the money. To work your way through the feeder series and earn a Super License will cost millions. A paid seat in Formula 3 is in the order of $3.0m for a single season.

It’s a good job there are many other ways to enjoy the thrill of F1 – travelling to events, watching on various media, or maybe a career working for one of the teams.

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