F1 is the most expensive sport on the planet. The costs start with design and snowball through development, production, testing, logistics and racing. Today teams work under a cost cap of $145,000.000.00 which covers all costs associated with producing and racing the car, with a number of exclusions. The most notable are the power unit, drivers’ contracts and the top three executive salaries.

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  Front wing:   $150,000
  Halo   $17,000
  Set of tires   $2,700
  Steering wheel   $50,000
  Engine Unit   $10.5 million
  Fuel Tank   $140,000
  Carbon Fibre (Chasis)   $6,50,000 – $700,000
  Hydraulics   $170,000
  Gearbox   $400,000
  Rearwing   $85,000
  Total Car Cost   $12.20 million
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