How do you tell the drivers apart in the same team?

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With ten teams each fielding two, nearly, identical cars it can be tricky to tell one driver from the other. 

There are three key ways to identify which driver is in which car,

  1. The driver’s number
  2. The colour of the camera on top of the car
  3. The driver’s helmet 

You should also watch the data on the screen as the provider will, more often than not, put the name of the driver being followed on the coverage. 

Drivers number

Each driver has a unique number assigned to them by the FIA. Numbers are displayed on the front of the monocoque and on the side of the car. But not always that easy to spot.

Camera colour

The cars have cameras mounted on top of the air intake and each team must use one black and one yellow, and drivers are allocated to a colour for the duration of the season. In the days of old, they were allocated with the primary driver taking the black and the secondary driver taking the yellow. 

Drivers helmet 

Drivers are free to design their own helmets. In the example above, Sebastian Vettel has his trademark white helmet with three stripes (often the colours of the German flag) and Lance Stroll is wearing dark green. Be aware, that drivers often change the design of their helmets so it pays to keep an eye out at the start of the weekend. 

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