Formula 1 runs two competitions over the course of the season, the Constructors title and the Drivers title.

Points are allocated as follows, 1st – 25, 2nd – 18, 3rd – 15, 4th – 12, 5th – 10, 6th – 8, 7th – 6, 8th – 4, 9th – 2 and 10th – 1. A further point is awarded for the fastest lap, providing the driver is within the top ten.

Sprint races receive, 1st – 8, 2nd – 7, 3rd – 6, 4th – 5, 5th – 6, 6th – 7 and 8th – 1.

The team and the driver receive the same points for their respective title pursuit.

In the situation where the race is stopped before going the full distance, there is a table to allocate reduced points relative to the distance completed.

The Drivers Title is for glory while the Constructors Title is for prize money (where teams rank determines the portion of the prie money they receive.

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