How Do F1 Teams Transport Their Goods?

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As Formula 1 is the largest multisite sporting event on the planet the logistics are impressive.

More than 1,400 tons of equipment, worth hundreds of millions of dollars, is transported across the world to every race. This includes the team’s tools, equipment and technology, as well as catering facilities, meeting spaces, and everything the teams need for the weekend. And don’t forget fuel, tyres, broadcasting and hospitality all needing to be transported as well.

The teams use air, road, and water depending on where the next location is and how much time there is between race weekends. For the European legs, teams use trucks to move their equipment and they provide their own “motorhome” facilities – offices and hosting facilities. For fly-away legs, outside of Europe, the teams will ship or fly equipment and the host country provides the motorhome facilities. 

DHL is the logistics provider for F1, utilising a huge truck fleet and five Boeing 777 freighters for a flyaway event. If there is a lower series race, F2 or F3, at the same track then it can be up to seven planes.

Wherever possible gear is shipped in advance so there will be multiple sets of equipment being sent to subsequent races. This gives teams the opportunity to set up the facilities before the cars and specialist kit arrives. 

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