F1 Driver size – Do they all need to be the same size?

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F1 Driver size – Do they all need to be the same size?

The short answer is no, drivers vary in height and weight, although they are all as lean as possible.

Cars are regulated to a minimum weight of 796Kgs (done 2Kgs from 2022), inclusive of the driver, and the difference in driver weight determines how much ballast their car needs, as well as how that ballast is positioned.

Designers like smaller drivers as they fit the car better and generally with less. But not all drivers are created equal…

Compare F1 drive size in the following list of the 2022 F1 driver’s heights and weights.

Alex Albon – 186cm – 73kg
Fernando Alonso – 171cm – 68kg
Valtteri Bottas – 173cm – 68kg
Pierre Gasly – 178cm – 70kg
Lewis Hamilton – 175cm – 66kg
Nicholas Latifi – 185cm – 74kg
Charles Leclerc – 179cm – 69kg
Kevin Magnussen – 174cm – 68kg
Lando Norris – 170cm – 68kg
Esteban Ocon – 185.5cm – 66kg
Sergio Perez – 173cm – 63kg
Daniel Ricciardo – 175cm – 66kg
George Russell – 185cm – 66kg
Carlos Sainz – 178cm – 64kg
Mick Schumacher – 176cm – 67kg
Lance Stroll – 182cm – 70kg
Yuki Tsunoda – 159cm – 54kg
Max Verstappen – 181cm – 72kg
Sebastian Vettel – 175cm – 62kg
Zhou Guanyu – 175cm – 63kg

Yuki Tsunoda is the smallest driver on the grid at 159cm tall and 54 kg. While Esteban Ocon is the tallest at 185.5cm and Nicholas Latifi is the heaviest at 74 kg. 

F1 driver size
Driver heights :

F1 Driver size

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