Can anyone enter an F1 team?

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In theory, yes, anyone can enter an F1 team, although it is not going to be easy. You will need to demonstrate your ability to deliver a competitive team for the full season and gain approval from the event owner (Liberty Media), the FIA and the other teams.

You will need to fund the team at $140,000,000.00, plus power units at $10,000,000.00 – $18,000,000.00 each (minimum of six required). Driver fees and senior management fees are on top of this. 

Then you will need to stump up $200,000,000.00 which is distributed amongst the existing teams in compensation for a reduction in prize payout through adding a new share. You will also need to accept that you will not qualify for prize money for the first year. 

At the time of writing, Andretti Motorsports are making a serious bid to enter a team. Read about it on – here

And watch a youtube clip explaining the barriers Andretti is facing – here

enter an F1 team
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