tear-offs :

Tear-offs are layers of clear strips the drivers have on their helmet visors to maintain a clear view when dirt and debris are flicked onto the visor. They appear as tabs sticking out the side of the helmet and can be clear or with a decal (the featured image shows Valtteri Bottas with the Finnish-flag on his). 

The glass of the helmets is made in such a way that it can carry multiple layers of these transparent strips and the driver peels them off when needed. 

Tear-offs have been known to be sucked into a car’s brake duct or cooling system, detrimental to performance. Under current regulations, drivers are not permitted to throw the tear-offs out of the car in the pit lane or on track, but you will see them catch the sun as they flutter in the car’s wake. 

Andrew Burden

The author Kiwi F1 Fan