team orders
Team orders :

Team orders is a scenario whereby the team’s principal and or strategist will decide what is best for the team and give an order to the drivers. This is an alternative to letting the drivers race each other, burning fuel, wearing tyres and risking a crash. 

This will typically involve the lead car letting their teammate pass. Reasons for this include the car being let through may be on a different strategy or they may need the points for the driver’s championship.

Alternatively, they may be faster and have a better chance of passing the cars ahead. In this scenario, the driver will be given the opportunity but if they can’t capitalise on it they will be ordered to ‘give the position back’. 

Often surrounded by controversy, one of the most infamous team orders issued by Red Bull in Malaysia in 2013 between Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber is known as Multi 21


Andrew Burden

The author Kiwi F1 Fan