Suspension :

Suspension is the connection between a car and its wheels, managing how the car travels and responding to the driver’s inputs. F1 cars have a maximum of six structural members per wheel, typically made up of two double wishbones, the pushrod or pullrod and a steering arm or track rod, depending on if it is the front or the rear suspension.

Typically teams will use a pullrod system at the rear and a pushrod at the front. In 2022 there was a mix of pushrod and pullrod systems at the front of the cars. The difference is that a pull rod compresses a spring under compression and a pushrod works in reverse. 

Most set-up work done on an F1 car will be to the suspension and teams can make changes to the camber, toe, spring rates, ride height and a myriad of additional weeks to fine-tune for the characteristics of the track.

Andrew Burden

The author Kiwi F1 Fan