“Party mode” is a term used by Mercedes for an engine map setting that delivered full power in Qualifying.

On an all-out qualifying lap, the trick is to use the full gamut of power available. This means that using a full battery of energy generated by the MGU-H and MGU-K is common, with a minimum of energy harvesting from the braking system and turbocharger. The fuel consumption is also raised to use the maximum of power available, as more fuel used increases the amount of energy produced by the combustion within the engine.

Jake Boxall-Legge (Full article here)

Engine modes are regulated to ensure the better-funded teams don’t have an unfair advantage and in 2020 the FIA banned the so-called “Party mode”.

Today teams must use the same engine modes for qualifying and the race. 


Andrew Burden

The author Kiwi F1 Fan