Laps led :

Laps led is a metric used for measuring performance. In short, the number of laps a car spends at the front. 

The actual lead can be distorted due to a difference in pit stop strategies. For example, a driver may start on pole and lead for 20 laps before pitting. At that point, they drop down the board, and the chasing car moves into the lead. 

Statistically, the new lead car must pit and with a similar pit stop duration, come back out in the same spot as before the pit window opened, returning the pole sitter to the lead. 

It should be noted, that the lead is the lead. If the pole sitter in the example above pits and the race is red-flagged before the new lead car pits, they will be classified as the winner. 

Laps completed behind the safety car are counted. 

Andrew Burden

The author Kiwi F1 Fan