Dyno :

A dyno (Dynomometer Testbed), is an engine test rig that allows teams to stress test the engines, at the factory, in near race conditions. A vital tool when tract time is restricted, the dyno allows the engineers to simulate thousands of virtual laps before hitting the track.

The dyno rig replicates race conditions that apply when a car is on track; air supply, an exhaust extract system, and fuel supply. Then every conceivable sensor is utilised to monitor the PU’s status – power, torque, temperature, oil pressure, electrical energy recovery etc.

The dyno is set to follow the track map with the driver’s unique throttle inputs, gearshifts, and braking load to match qualifying and racing laps.

The dyno analysis includes the energy recovery system of the hybrid PU to check the efficiency of their harvesting, storage and re-deployment of electrical energy throughout a race distance.

Dyno : generic graph, indicative only
Andrew Burden

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