The Drag Reduction System (DRS), is designed to do exactly what it says, reduce drag, resulting in the recipient gaining an estimated speed advantage of 10 – 12 kph through the designated DRS zone.

F1 cars require significant downforce to speed through corners, but the creation of downforce has the negative effect of increasing drag on the fast sections. In 2011, the FIA introduced a flap on the rear wing that, when open, reduces drag.

DRS is available in specific sectors, set by the race stewards prior to the race weekend, and is available after the first two lap or two laps after a safety car. To activate DRS a driver must be within one second of the car in front as tehy cross the DRS detection line, a set distance before the zone.

The detection system is fully automated and when available, a light will show on the dashboard. The driver must physically activate the DRS by pushing a button on the steering wheel and it will automatically deactivate as soon as the brake is used.


Andrew Burden

The author Kiwi F1 Fan