Driver sponsors

Driver Sponsorship : @Sutton Images

Driver sponsors are companies or organisations that associate themselves with drivers, often supporting them through their junior years in the hope that they will benefit in the long term when the driver secures an F1 seat. 

Drivers from wealthy families often bring sponsorship from the family brand, like the Latifi family business Sofina or at the very extreme end of the scale, Lance Strolls’ father bought the team and named it after his luxury car brand, Astin Martin.

Sebastian Vettel is an example of a driver who received career-defining support from Red Bull that led to a seat in Toro Rosso 

While sponsors are critical to support young talent who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford to race, the country is where drivers obtain a seat based on the financial benefits they bring. That’s not to say these guys are not talented as obtaining a super license requires you to obtain high standards, but it is fair to question if they would be there based on their talents alone. 


Andrew Burden

The author Kiwi F1 Fan