Cheap pit-stop

Cheap pit-stop
Cheap pit-stop :

A cheap pit-stop is when conditions on track mean the total time lost during a pit-stop is less than under normal circumstances. Typically under a safety car or virtual safety car

Each track will have a time loss for a visit to the pits. When the car enters the pit-lane, its speed is limited to 80kph, down from 300 plus. With the 2 – 3 seconds it takes to change the tyres, the total pit-stop will cost around 22 seconds. This differs from track to track due to the length of the pit lane

If the course is under a safety car or virtual safety car,  the differential time lost is less, as the other cars are travelling at roughly half the normal speed (this varies from circuit to circuit). 

Mercedes AMG has a great article explaining safety cars – here

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