Catch fence :

Catch fences are on eof the many safety features on a Grade 1 circuit to protect, drivers, marshals and fans

If a car, or part of the car, makes it to the catch fence, then the fence is designed to systematically fail, absorbing the energy and stopping the projectory. This system is designed to minimise damage to the car and reduce the g forces the driver experiences in the impact. 

On a modern F1 circuit, crash fences are typically a last form of defence, after the run off areas, gravel trap and Techco barriers and Armco barriers. 

It should also be noted that before the cars hit the track, work has been done to neutralise the corner through design. 

It should be noted that Zhou Guanyu walked away from the crash, shown in the photo, without injury.

Andrew Burden

The author Kiwi F1 Fan