1 – 2

1 - 2, or One Two, is when a team secures the first and second positions on the podium, achieving the maximum points for the team (with the exception being
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107% Rule

Cars and drivers must be in the same league to race both effectively and safely on the same track. In
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2022 Regs

F1 is controlled by a meticulously detailed set of regulations. In 2022 the car aero specifications were dramatically revised in
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The Alpine A522 is a Formula One racing car designed and constructed by the BWT Alpine F1 Team and run
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Academy drivers

Academy drivers, development drivers or junior drivers are signed to a team as part of the team's programme to identify and nurture future drivers. This will often include significant financial
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Slang for Aerodynamic Aerodynamics is the science of controlling how the air behaves as the car cuts through it at
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