107% Rule

Cars and drivers must be in the same league to race both effectively and safely on the same track. In 1996, the FIA introduced the 107% rule, and while it
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Most of the races over a season are at sea level, however, Mexico and Brazil are at Altitude and have
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On a wet track, Formula 1 tyres – even special treaded wet-weather tyres, which can shift up to 65 litres
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Ballast is an F1-specific tuning option. Ballast allows the team to add weight to an already light car, with the specific intention of altering the weight distribution of the car.
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Caused by the tire overheating where the rubber softens and delaminates from the body of the tire, ultimately leading to
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F1 cars don't have fans built-in, as such, they rely on forward movement for airflow and cooling of the motor
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Cake tin

The brake drum, or 'cake tin' as you might often hear it referred to, provides a thermal enclosure for the
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