1 – 2

1 - 2, or One Two, is when a team secures the first and second positions on the podium, achieving the maximum points for the team (with the exception being
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Air box

The air box is an intake on a Formula 1 car is positioned behind and above the driver's head to
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Air duct

Also referred to as the air box, the air intake on Formula 1 car is positioned behind and above the
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Allowed to race

Each team has two cars fighting for the constructor’s title and two drivers, each fighting for the driver’s title. This can create a conflict between the drivers, both fighting for
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An iconic sports car brand, AMG was founded in 1967 by two former Mercedes-Benz engineers. The company would go by
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Formula 1 cars are extremely sensitive machines and like any petrol-powered car, they cars can stall. Given F1 cars don't
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