Slang for Aerodynamic Aerodynamics is the science of controlling how the air behaves as the car cuts through it at speed. F1 cars are designed similarly to an aeroplane wing,
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Brake by Wire

Brake by wire (BBW) refers to the system that controls the rear brake. While the front brakes maintain the traditional
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C1 refers to the compound of the rubber that the tyre's wearing surface is constructed from. Pirelli has developed a
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All cars with a gearbox use a clutch to engage the engine and deliver power to the transmission. F1 cars
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The diffuser is the flared opening at the rear of the floor and is used to generate downforce. Air is
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ERS Lights

F1 cars don't have brake lights. The lights on the car's rear display as solid for improved visibility in wet conditions and flash to indicate when the car is harvesting
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Ferrari PU

As a constructor, Ferrari develops and produces its own power unit (PU) for their cars as well as customer cars.
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The floor or the undertray (underbody) is the highly complex component that tunnels air under the car creating downforce. This
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