F1Newbies Guide is a series of short articles written to provide F1Newbies an overview of all aspects of the sport. Constructed around a unique F1 glossary that provides links to additional information so users can skim across the surface or take a deep dive into the detail.

We are working on these pages offline and will be updating progressively with updates on social media.

the giude

The Guide

01. F1 how to…

F1 how to... Whether it was binging Drive to Survive through Covid lockdowns, an increase in social media presence or talk around the cooler at work, something has sparked your
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f1 tournament
The Guide

03. F1 The Tournament

F1 The Tournament  History Formula 1 traces its roots back to the earliest days of motor racing. But it wasn’t until 1946 that it became an officially sanctioned motorsport tournamet. 
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F1 race start
2023The Guide

06. The Race

The Race As noted in the previous section, Formula 1 now runs two formats for race weekends. The standard is one feature race on Sunday afternoon, and for six weekends,
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Pit lane
The Guide

07. The Pits

The pits  The pit lane is parallel to the track, adjacent to the start / finish line and allows cars to enter and exit the track safely.  The pit lane
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