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F1 Nation

F1 Nation is the go-to weekly review podcast for every F1 fan, whether you are an F1Newbie or a dedicated follower…

F1 Nation, the weekly podcast delivering a dose of light-hearted F1 chat and fun, returns for a new season on March 23. And this year there’s a new presenting crew!

Tom Clarkson returns with two new co-hosts – none other than 1996 F1 world champion Damon Hill and Sky Sports F1 presenter Natalie Pinkham.

Each week they’ll discuss what’s been happening in the world of F1, bringing on friends and guests, telling anecdotes and sharing stories. Listeners will also have the chance to pitch questions to the team in their “Ask the Nations” segment.

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Gasley’s 2020 race winner on display at F1 Exhibit in Madrid

Gasly's 2020 race winner

Pierre Gasly’s famed 2020 race-winning car to be exclusively displayed for the first time at Formula 1® Exhibition in Madrid 

“Once I saw how things were shaping up, I knew, this is my moment. This is my time to shine. There’s no way I’m letting this opportunity slip away”.

Pierre Gasly

Gasley’s 2020 race winner

London, UK – Tuesday 15 March, 11:00 GMT – The Formula 1® Exhibition is delighted to announce that Pierre Gasly’s AlphaTauri® maiden race-winning car from Monza 2020 will be exclusively displayed when the show opens in Madrid later this month. 

Following a close collaboration between Gasly, his management team, AlphaTauri® and the show’s producers, fans will be able to enjoy unique access to the ‘Monza Miracle’ race-winning car as it goes on public display for the first time. Located in the Exhibition’s Design Lab room, its inclusion marks both Gasly’s and AlphaTauri®’s unexpected and now famous victory at the FORMULA 1 GRAN PREMIO HEINEKEN D’ITALIA 2020, which shook up the racing world.

The nature of Gasly’s win, the first by a Frenchman in Formula 1® since 1996, captured fans’ imagination and made headlines worldwide. Starting in 10th, he took to the front on lap 28 following a 25-minute red flag period in Monza. Closely chased by McLaren’s Carlos Sainz and Racing Point’s Lance Stroll, Gasly and his Honda-powered AlphaTauri® AT01 set the pace until the finish line to secure his and the team’s first-ever 

Formula 1® win, marking a historic moment in the sport.

“There is nothing better than being called a Formula 1 race winner. I would say in my life, this is probably what has sounded the best out of everything. It was an incredible moment,” explains Gasly in his interview with the Formula 1® Exhibition team.  

“During the race, once I saw how things were shaping up, I knew okay, this is my moment. This is my time to shine. There’s no way I’m letting that opportunity slip away from my hands. I think we had 25 laps in the lead. They were long, but I must say I enjoyed every single lap. Being in control of that race was the best feeling I have experienced in Formula 1.”

Speaking about the AlphaTauri® AT01 that he took to victory, Gasly continued: “The way things happened, I don’t think I could have expected a better first F1 race win than with AlphaTauri, and as a midfield team we were not real contenders for victory. But still nevertheless, we had the right mindset and the right approach. Cars in Formula 1 make a big part of your results and of your performance. Sometimes it’s not that easy to achieve a top five, a podium or a race win. Even amazing drivers didn’t get the chance to experience that because they didn’t have the car.”

“I am someone who is very calm, so I am able to clear my mind and just focus on the driving. But at the same time there is a switch. As soon as I pass the line, all these emotions – very, very strong emotions that I’ve been pushing away – come back and I just let everything go. I am very emotional and that is why once I pass the line, I always say the normal Pierre comes back to life. That’s when all the emotions come out.”

His victory even drew the attention of the French President, Emmanuel Macron, as Gasly explained: “This was 2020, right in the middle of COVID, so we didn’t have any spectators or anyone in the paddock. I was standing on top of the podium with no one in the grandstand. It was a very, very strange celebration. And then a couple of minutes later, the French President called to congratulate me for the race win, but unfortunately I couldn’t pick up because I was in the debriefing. I couldn’t answer my President, which was terrible. I tried to call him back, but he was definitely busy with other things, so I didn’t manage to get a hold of him!”

Opening on 24 March 2023, the world’s first official Formula 1® Exhibition will be hosted at the renowned IFEMA MADRID. Officially developed in association with Formula 1® and with unprecedented support from the motorsport community, the immersive show boasts a wide range of artefacts and contributions from the sport’s most legendary teams, experts and personalities.


Produced in partnership with Round Room Live and delving far beyond what fans have ever seen before, the show’s seven unique rooms use bold, technology-led design features and large-scale interactive displays to lift the lid on the past, present and future of Formula 1®.


Several years in the making, the exhibition combines spectacular audio-visual design, rare film and imagery, engineering and educational displays, sculptural pieces and iconic Grand Prix cars to deliver an unforgettable experience for everyone – from avid followers to younger fans and families.


Tickets can be purchased HERE from €19.99.


For more information, visit:

Twitter: @F1Exhibition

Facebook: /F1Exhibition

Instagram: @F1Exhibition

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PodcastThe Rest

F1 Podcasts

F1 Podcasts

F1 Podcasts See our pick of current commentaries and fascinating interviews. If you are new to F1, we recommend you listen to a few driver interviews and you will indeed find a connection with one that will boost your support levels… 

F1 Nation and Beyond the Grid are two of our favourites. And if you like something a little bit irreverent, we have just tuned into Fast and Loose : F1 with Will Arnet.

F1 Nation

Weekly updates reviewing the last race and previewing the upcoming event. Featuring insights and interviews from within the paddock. And a special feature titled Ask the Nation where listeners ask questions and for the team to answer.

“Formula 1 fans from every nation, welcome to F1 Nation! 1996 World Champion Damon Hill and globe-trotting racing reporters Tom Clarkson and Natalie Pinkham bring you weekly F1 chat with big guests, expert racing insight and behind-the-scenes stories”.

Check it out here

Beyond the Grid

One of the best F1 Podcasts. Weekly interviews with F1 sporting personalities from drivers, to principals, engineers and past personalities. Now in its fourth year, Beyond the Grid has an extensive back catalogue that is a must for getting to know your favourite stars. 

“Formula 1’s fastest stars slow down and open up, sharing untold stories and unrivalled insight. Tom Clarkson brings you revealing, feature-length interviews and amazing anecdotes from F1’s biggest names. Expect superstar drivers, team bosses, tech geniuses and racing legends”.

Check it out here


Fast and Loose : F1 with Will Arnet

“If you’re just watching the race, you’re doing it wrong! Fast & Loose: F1® is where the world of Formula 1 collides with comedian Will Arnett for his hilarious and shockingly insightful commentary immediately following the checkered flag.

After each race, Will is joined by F1 legend Mika Häkkinen and rotating co-hosts, Michelle Beadle, Katie Osborne, and The Kid Mero as they bring you post-race recaps and analysis, dive deep into all of the drama and cat fighting between the teams, chat with the drivers, and take listener calls to answer all of your burning questions, like which driver would make the best roommate? And the worst”.

Check it out here

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Drive to Survive – Season 5 drops 24th Feb 2023

Drive to Survive

Season 5 release date announced as teaser trailer dropped

Drive to Survive – The wait is almost over: Netflix have announced when the new season will land on their streaming service.

The new season will take fans behind the scenes to witness how drivers and teams prepared to go wheel-to-wheel over the 2022 Formula 1 season.

WATCH: Go onboard with Vettel for one last time with the inside story of his F1 swansong in Abu Dhabi
Season five of Drive To Survive will be released on February 24, 2023, and include never-before-seen footage and interviews from the greatest personalities on the Formula 1 grid.

Or watch here…


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F1 Team Livery 2023

F1 Team Livery 2023

All ten teams have now launched their 2023 challengers, giving fans a taste of their new look and providing a glimpse into the direction they have taken with their aero packages. 

Which team do you think looks the best? Are these the cars that will hit the track in Bahrain for the first test or will they bring their ‘A game’? 

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F1 Car and livery development

F1 Car and livery

F1 Car and livery development – the design of the car and the look of the livery are constantly changing and launch season is a time when keen fans wait expectantly for the new cars to be revealed. 

While it is highly likely that the livery will reflect what hits the track, it has become more and more common for the teams to show a car ‘similar’ to the car that they will put on the track, electing to keep their aerodynamic Intellectual Property close to their chests until the very last minute. 

The liveries themselves may vary throughout the season. In 2023 Red Bull said that they will run three fan designs on their cars at selected events. Other teams may run a special livery to mark a special event or change sponsors to align with the audience at a particular circuit. 

That said, each year there is a consistent look to the F1 car and livery. The following images have been published by to show some of the car’s five-year evolution. 

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Mercedes F1 comparison

mercedes f1 comparison

Mercedes F1 comparison has run a series of images that show the last five images for each team for comparison.

Here we see the evolution of the Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team car up until this year’s challenger, named W14. Well, the launch version anyway. 


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Alfa Romeo C43 Launch

Alfa Romeo C43

Alfa Romeo C43 to be their 2023 challenger

The Alfa Romeo C43 was launched thier 2023 title fighter in Zurich and near Saubers haedqurters in Hinwal.

Alfa have shifted away from their red and white livery from previous years in favour of an ‘aggressive’ red and black look, with new title partner Stake prominent throughout.

Powered with a Ferrari PU the car will be driven by Valtteri Bottas (77) and Zhou Guanyu (24).

Keep up with the teams developments – here

Alfa Romeo C43
C43 :
Alfa Romeo C43
C43 :

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Williams FW45 2023 Livery Revealed

Williams FW45 2023 Livery

Williams FW45 

Williams FW45 revealed. Williams has unwrapped its 2023 Formula 1 livery at a season launch ahead of the real FW45 breaking cover at a shakedown next week.

The blue and red branding of the FW44 has been retained for the FW45, which will be rolled out for the first time at Silverstone on Monday 13.

Williams will then conduct another filming day in Bahrain ahead of the pre-season test.

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Williams FW45 Williams FW45 revealed. Williams has unwrapped its 2023 Formula 1 livery at a season launch ahead of the real FW45 breaking cover at a shakedown next week.

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