About is an interactive information website delivering concise, informative and low-tech answers to anyone with a curiosity about Formula 1.

We aim to deliver this through Articles, Posts, FAQ and a comprehensive bespoke F1 Glossary. The site is structured to answer your questions and uses Tool Tips so you can check terms as you read. There will be repetition as Posts or FAQ’s duplicate Glossary definitions, but we are working on the theory that the more information we put up the easier it will be to navigate and find information. is a place where you can test the water or wade in. If you are looking for a deep dive, we will provide you with links to a whole world of F1 information.

We welcome your questions and comments and will do our utmost to respond, as doing so will improve our database and enhance our member’s experience.

I originally wanted to pen a book but given the rate at which F1 changes, it soon dawned on me that a website is the best way to keep up to date. The plan is to have the website live as it is built and populated with the official launch date of a member’s site set to coincide with the 2023 season.

No experience, but I’ll have a go…

It’s about now that I should probably point out that while I am a huge F1 fan with a burning desire to share the F1 love, I am a construction professional with close to zero experience in website development or writing. I am literally “reading the manual” as I go…

If anyone is interested in getting involved, please reach out and I’d love to discuss how we can collaborate –

As David Croft, Sky Sports commentator, says at the start of each race – “It’s lights out and away we go”. 

Kiwi F1 Fan

My dad loved sport, any and all sports. So my first memories of F1 were his comments on the race results through the heady Schumacker Ferrari days. There wasn’t a lot of coverage then so we would watch the sports news to see the headlines and the race results.

Then in 2007, I had the opportunity to host a group of clients at the Melbourne Grand Prix. The entire weekend was an assault on my senses and I was hooked. For me the racing is only a part of the package, the cars are insanely cool, the technology is incredible, and the drivers have talent and skill that is out of this world. You have the personalities of the drivers, the principals and the engineers.

Today’s media coverage is a well-oiled machine with commentary teams made up of experienced presenters and former racing drivers, so there is no shortage of observations, opinions, facts and technical details. As well as driver interviews, anecdotes and comparisons to previous events.

Since my first race in 2007 I have been to Melbourne another 6 times, Singapore twice and Malaysia, Austin and Mexico. My wife and I are planning to go to many more in the coming years.

Me in the stadium at the 2017 Mexican GP.