Formula 1 Honda Japanesse Grand Prix 2023

22-24 September 2023

Formula 1 Honda Japanesse Grand Prix 2023

The 2023 Japanese Grand Prix is scheduled for 22 September 2023 at the Suzuka International Racing Course in Suzuka, Japan. The previous outing was in 2019. 

Making its debut on the calendar in 1987, the 5.807 Km ‘cross-over’, high-speed track remains one of the ultimate driving challenges, with the snaking ‘S’ Curves, the two commitment-rewarding Degners and the white-knuckle ride of 130R. 

This high downforce track will average 48 gear shifts per lap, is raced at 66% full throttle and a pit stop will cost 17.65 seconds. 

Suzuka International Racing Course

Location  :  Suzuka, Japan

First Grand Prix  :  1987

Number of Laps  :  53

Circuit Length  :  5.063 km

Race Distance  :  307.471 km

Lap Record  :  1:30.983 Lewis Hamilton (2019)

2022 Tyre Selection  :  C1, C2 & C3.

Driver home race for Yuki Tsunoda and Team Home race (of sorts) for Honda  

2023 Results

1st Max Verstappen from Pole, plus Fastest Lap. 2nd Lando Norris. 3rd Oscar Piastri.

Check out the Suzuka GP website – here
Formula 1 Honda Japanesse Grand Prix 2023
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