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Introducing F1Newbie, the interactive information website delivering concise, informative and low-tech answers to anyone with a curiosity about Formula 1.

We aim to deliver this through Articles, Posts, FAQ and a comprehensive Glossary. The site is structured to answer your questions and uses a Tool Tips style Glossary so you can check terms as you read. is a place where you can test the water or wade in. If you are looking for a deep dive, we will provide you with links to a whole world of F1 information.

We welcome your questions and comments and will do our utmost to respond, as doing so will improve our database and enhance our member’s experience.

It’s about now that I should probably point out that while I am a huge F1 fan with a burning desire to share the F1 love. I am a construction professional with close to zero experience in website development or writing. I am literally “reading the manual” as I go…

If anyone is interested in getting involved, please reach out and I’d love to discuss how we can collaborate –

As David Croft, Sky Sports commentator, says at the start of each race – “It’s lights out and away we go”. 


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