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Pre-season 2023 testing in Bahrain

Pre-season 2023
Pre-season 2023 :

The 2023 season is scheduled to start with pre-season testing in Bahrain from the 23rd to the 24th of Feb, 2023.

Teams need to test their cars to the limit to shake out any issues. In 2022 the headline was porpoising

Drivers need to get to grips with the new car. Engineers need to hone their set-ups, check correlation, conduct various aero tests and see what upgrades need to be made. And mechanics have numerous duties, including pit stops, to practise.

Each day is divided into two sessions of four hours each, with teams trying to divide their three days of running between the two drivers and perhaps a reserve. The morning session begins at 1000 local time, and the day ends at 1900 local time (TBC)

Often, one driver will step in for the morning, their teammate stepping in for the afternoon – but red flags can cost valuable running, as was the case in Barcelona.

Pre-season 2023 session times are yet to be confirmed… Watch for updates here or on – here

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