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00. F1Newbie the ultimate guide for the F1 Beginner

Welcome to’s guide to Formula 1 is a website dedicated to sharing easily accessible, simple and concise information about the world of Formula 1. The site is for all fans of the sport but with a particular focus on informing those with an emerging interest – Newbies.

Having read The Four Hour Work Week, the plan was to write a book and live off the royalties. But I soon realised it was unlikely that my writing skills or my chosen subject would get me onto the best sellers’ lists and fund my retirement. Having thought about it a lot, I realised that there is a massive emerging fan base, and maybe I could provide a resource to help these Newbies navigate the highly complex sport of Formula 1

I decided to give it a go so next was the decision about the delivery method. And given the rapidly changing dynamic nature of F1, a website seemed like the ideal format. I imagined a place where I would organise and construct posts that delivered entertaining and informative insights. To which, I imagined, the internet would ‘blow-up’ with likes, follows, shares and comments. “Build it and they will come”. Well, six months and countless hours into the build, I can report that this is not the reality. 

The reality is that the internet is largely apathetic, people will give you a few seconds to deliver or they move on. Our stats show a global audience (that’s good right), averaging around 25 visitors and 50 views per day. A very low return on time invested… 

F1 Beginner Forum 

As an aside, one of my very first posts was to promote Max Verstappen as the 2021 World Champion. A significant event and worthy of special mention. Within a few short hours, a notification popped up that I had a new comment. I was beside myself, my first post, and the internet is responding. All I could think was “This thing is going to be huge“… Well, this is the reality. The comment was from a very angry and bitter person who believed Lewis deserved the title and Michael Massey was a cheat. 

I genuinely wish to encourage discussion about the sport and would love nothing better than to have people commenting on the site, but this guy was too intense for the intended audience of Since then, I have had the pleasure of moderating one further comment, which happened to be from my wife. “Build it, and they will come” continues to be my mantra.

So here we are; despite the lower-than-expected uptake and considerable time commitment, I’m 100% committed and cracking on… 

The Guide is a website constructed around a step-by-step Beginner’s Guide and an F1-based FAQ, with the sport’s most extensive Glossary* linking names, phrases and terms for immediate reference. Hover over any underlined word to preview the link or click to open in a new window. 

We employ a powerful search engine to deliver the most relevant results for your search terms. 

To be a complete ‘go-to’ reference, we maintain current data on Teams, Drivers and Tracks, and we share relevant updates such as Race Reviews and Podcasts. We are not a media outlet, and we don’t deliver day-to-day news. There are screeds of established resources for that, and where relevant, we provide links to these sites.  

We will do our best to provide updates on ticket sales and point you in the direction of cool F1 stuff like merch, wallpaper or playlists.

So whether it’s an introduction to F1, a question like “why did the car have green lights at the back”? or if you want to know what a particular term means, is your comprehensive beginner’s guide to the sport. 

The guide comprises

00. The Beginners Guide To F1.

01. How to. An introduction into what to watch and how. 

02. F1 Overview. A high-level overview of the sport.

03. The Tournament. The Drivers and Constructors World Championships.

04. Teams, Cars and Drivers. Who competes?

05. Practice And Qualification. What are these sessions?

06. The Race. Before, during, and after. 

07. The Pits. Pit stops are critical.

08. Power and Aero. How can F1 cars be so fast?

09. Wheels and Tyres. Super sensitive and critical to success.

10. Rules and Regulations. The FIA and their rule book.

11. Safety. Integral to everything F1 – drivers, teams, marshals and fans. 

12. The Road to F1. Progression of young talent.

*   This status is self-proclaimed, but with over 800 terms in our Glossary, we doubt there is another that will be able to take the title. 

If you do like what you are reading, please like, share or comment. 



Andrew Burden

The author Kiwi F1 Fan

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