F1 Play – Can you compete with the most knowledgeable F1® fans in the world?

F1 Play allows you to pit your wits against fans worldwide.

F1Play is a true test of knowledge for fans everywhere – presenting a real challenge across every weekend of the 2022 season.

The game asks you to predict 10 outcomes for each race, from lights out through to the chequered flag on Sundays.

“Which drivers will stand on the podium?”, “Will there be a safety car?” and “Who will set the fastest lap?” are just some of the questions we’ll be asking you to answer for every Grand Prix.

Not only will F1Play enhance your enjoyment of every race in 2022 , it will also give you the chance to net a prize that money would struggle to buy.

So take the chance to pit your wits against F1 fanatics from all around the world. The very best of luck, and start your engines!

Try your luck – here

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Andrew Burden

The author Kiwi F1 Fan

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