Max Verstappen 2022 World Champion

Max Verstappen was crowned 2022 Formula 1 world champion after a soaked race at Suzuka on Sunday.

The Red Bull driver dominated in the wet to win his 12th race of the season – just one off the record set by Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel – and clinch the title over challengers Charles Leclerc and Sergio Perez.

Verstappen, needing to outscore Charles Leclerc by eight points and Sergio Perez by six at Suzuka, dominated in the wet conditions and a late penalty for Leclerc sealed the title with four races of the 2022 season remaining.

In an unusual situation, there was considerable confusion after the race as it was initially believed full points would not be awarded. Only 29 laps were completed of the planned 53-lap race due to heavy rain and a long red flag. However, the race was not stopped early, it ran to an adjusted time limit and the rules allowed full points to be awarded. 

Max Verstappen World Champion :
Max Verstappen World Champion :
Max Verstappen 2022 World Champion :
2022 World Champion :
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