107% :

Cars and drivers must be in the same league to race both effectively and safely on the same track. In 1996, the FIA introduced the 107% rule, and while it has been in and out of the regulations, it is still in play today.

During the first qualifying session (Q1), any driver who does not post a time within 107% of the fastest time will not be able to start the race. Under certain circumstances or track conditions, the race Stewards may allow the car to start the race.

We do not often mention this rule in the current series as the cars and drivers are so closely matched that the field is often separated by only a second or two. 

The 107% rule is worked out as follows: Lap time (in seconds) x 107, divided by 100. So it might look something like this: lap time: 1m30s or 90 seconds. 90 x 107 ÷ 100 = 96.3 or 1m36.6 seconds is then the cut off.

Andrew Burden

The author Kiwi F1 Fan

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