Power and downforce aren’t the only things that dictate how well cars will perform at a track. Teams also have to account for degradation, which is what causes a tyre to lose grip when it gets too hot.

The circuits all use different types of material in the construction of the track surface, so the degradation varies. This requires the team to set the right downforce and the driver to adpt their style to manage the tyres. A fine balance of speed and longevity to maximise the teams tyre strategy.

Degredation, not to be confused with wear, it is the gradual erosion of the tyre tread as a result of friction caused by the track surface. Street circuits like Baku and Monaco are generally considered to the be low degredation tracks and Baharain is considered to be a high-deg track.  

Andrew Burden

The author Kiwi F1 Fan

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