Silverstone Corners

Home to seven teams and three drivers (2022) Silverstone Track features names like Becketts, Chapel, Hangar Straight, and Maggotts. Which the commentators reference with ease, akin to talking fondly of their extended families.

Abbey for the ‘Priest’s house’ is the first corner that derives its name from the priory of the 12th century, Luffield Abbey. 

Aintree for ‘alone tree’ is basically popular for organizing horse races and the British Grand Prix.

Becketts for ‘cottage’ has been named after the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Brooklands was a venue for motor racing before the war which makes the circuit famous as the home of British Motorsport.

Chapel for ‘traditional house’ has its name inspired by the Chapel of Saint Thomas, a medieval chapel.

Club for ‘society’ has been named after RAC’s clubhouse situated in London’s Pall Mall.

Copse for ‘small thicket of trees’ is located in the countryside having the Chapel Copse and Cheese Copse nearby, deriving its name from the surrounding fields and woodlands known as Silverstone’s copse.

Farm for ‘to rent’ is the left-hander between Bridge Bend and Abbey. This passes by a farm hence the name.

Hangar Straight for ‘enclosure’ was initially used to store several huge hangars in the past, hence the name.

Luffield is a right-hander deriving its name from Luffield Chapel.

Luffield 1 is one of the corners of the long right-hander of Luffield, one of the circuit’s complex corners.

Luffield 2 is the other corner that makes up the Luffield, a part of Silverstone’s British Grand Prix.

Maggots for ‘larva’ is one of the fast and iconic runways named after Maggotts Moor. Maggots can be regarded as one of the circuit’s highlights.

Stowe for ‘from stow’ is the circuit’s quick right-hander is a real challenge for many racers. It has a school named Stowe School located in the south.

The Loop for ‘never-ending’ is hairpin-like, left-hander, and the slowest region of the track. This left-hander loop is a challenge for even an experienced driver.

Vale for ‘gorgeous’ is undulating in the topography like a valley located between Stowe and Club. Also, this region lies within the Aylesbury Vale district.

Village for ‘rural’ gets its name from the Silverstone village near this part of the Silverstone Circuit.

Wellington Straight for ‘people near temple’ became a part of Silverstone’s Grand Prix track in 2010. It derives its name from the Wellington bombers placed at Northamptonshire during World Word II.

Woodcote for ‘cottage in the woods’ is a right-hander and has its name taken from Woodcote Park, a club in Surrey owned by the Royal Automobile Club. Woodcote is one of Silverstone’s most famous and complex corners.

And in 2020, the Pit Straight was renamed Hamilton Stright in honour of Lewis Hamilton and his seven championship-winning successes. 

Andrew Burden

The author Kiwi F1 Fan

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