Silverstone Circuit :

The British Grand Prix was first held in 1926, and held annually since 1948. The event has been a feature of the FIA Formula One World Championship every year since 1950. 

Silverstone is home to some of the most iconic corner names in F1, such as Abbey, Village and the complex known as Maggotts, Beck=etts and Chaple. Read more on – here

Silverstone Circuit

Location  :  Silverstone, England

First Grand Prix  :  1950

Number of Laps  :  52

Circuit Length  :  5.891 km

Race Distance  :  306.198 km

Lap Record  : 1:27.097 (Max Verstappen 2020)

2022 Drivers Home RaceLewis Hamilton, Lando Norris & George Russell 

2022 Teams Home Race  :  McLaren, Williams, Aston Martin, Mercedes, Alpine, Red Bull Racing and Haas

View the Silverstone Circuit website – here

Silverstone :
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silverstone :
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