Mattia Binotto
Mattia :

Mattia Binotto is a Swiss-born Italian engineer and team principal of Scuderia Ferrari in Formula One until the end of the 2022 season.

In 1995, he joined the Scuderia Ferrari test team as a Test Engine Engineer and fulfilled the same role with the race team from 1997 to 2003. He progressed to Race engine engineer, Chief Engineer, and Head of Engine and KERS Operations.

In 2013 he was appointed Deputy Director, Engine and Electronics and subsequently took on the role of Chief Operating Officer, Power Unit before being appointed Chief Technical Officer of Scuderia Ferrari in 2017.

In January 2019 Mattia Binotto was appointed as Managing Director Gestione Sportiva (Ferrari’s racing division) and Team Principal Scuderia Ferrari.

Listen to Mattia talking with Tom Clarkson on his Beyond the Grid podcast – here

Mattia :
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Mattia :
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