Lewis Hamilton

extraordinaryadjective – very unusual or remarkable.

In a sport where statistics are maintained on anything and everything imaginable, there will be some who argue against my opinion that Lewis Hamilton is hands-down the Greatest Of All Time (GOAT).

It is a two-horse race with Michael Schumacher the previous titleholder. Both drivers hold 7 world titles each and Michael started more races than Lewis has to date, but Lewis has surpassed most of the key metrics.

Hamilton 7 – 7 Schumacher

Hamilton 94 – 91 Schumacher

Career starts
Hamilton 264 – 306 Schumacher

Pole positions
Hamilton 97 – 68 Schumacher

Points finishes
Hamilton 227 – 221 Schumacher

Hamilton 163 – 155 Schumacher

Lewis has the capacity to operate in his team at the highest level, both inside and outside the car. Then over and above that, he has the capacity to leverage his profile and champion causes he is passionate about, including veganism, diversity and inclusion, and recently being a strong public voice for Black Lives Matter. Then in his spare time, he works on his own fashion label in collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger and he has released his own album.

The world would be a far better place with more Lewis Hamiltons – and I’m not even a fan…


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